Front Windows vs. Front Boots, which one do I want?

This is something that you will need to decide based on the pros and cons of each, although the boot option has decreased in popularity to less than 1% of all A.R.E. truck cap sales. The boot will leak, squeak and rub the paint off the cab of your truck, but it does allow for better visibility, virtually weather free access to the bed from the cab and no wind turbulence noise. Consider what you use your truck for and what's important to you when you make your decision.

How do I find out more about Yakima Roof Rack accessories like a bicycle or canoe carrier?

You have several options for your Yakima Roof Rack needs. You can contact Yakima directly or contact your local A.R.E. Dealer here

What landing pad do I need for my Yakima product?

Landing pad #1 is what is used with our products. You can contact Yakima directly or contact your local A.R.E. Dealer here