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A.R.E. Truck Caps - Features & Options

= Standard Options
= Optional Equipment
Cap Series Z Overland CX V MX RT TW
Side Toolbox
Tilt-Down Front Window - For Easy Cleaning Access
Front Picture Window
Sliding Front Window
Compression Front Boot*
Front Vista Glass (not a skylight)
Dark Tint Side Window
Half-Slider Side Window
F2 Mitered Half-Slider Side Window
SV Screen-Vent Side Window
Single Bay Side Window
Full Length Side Tip-Out Window
Dark Tint Side Win-Door
Vented Win-Door - Outdoorsman Option
Side Privacy Door
Rear Privacy Door
Single T-Lock Heavy-Duty Rear Door
Double T-Lock Heavy-Duty Rear Door
All Glass Rear Door
X Series Rear Door Features
Full Fiberglass Walk-in Door
LED Dome Light (battery)
12-Volt Dome Light
LED Prop Light™ (battery)
Remote Keyless Entry
AluRack® Commercial Rack
Yakima® Roof Rack
Black Palm Handle
12-Volt Power Strip
Interior Clothes Rod
Pet Screen Protectors
Fishing Rod Holders
Fabric Headliner
Cap Series Z Overland CX V MX RT TW
= Standard Options
= Optional Equipment
Note: Not all options are available for all trucks.

A.R.E. maintains the right to add, delete or change suppliers and/or designs of options when necessary to maintain or improve the overall quality without written notice.

* Cannot guarantee watertight seal.
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