BedRug FAQ

1. What is the BedRug "lifestyle liner"?

The BedRug lifestyle liner is unlike any bedliner available. The BedRug lifestyle liner is a 24/7 system that not only is as durable as any hard or spray-on liner, but it also protects your truck bed and its cargo from damage and gives you flexibility to use your truck to work all week and play all weekend. It's gentle enough to protect your big-screen TV, your wife's stained glass project or your grandmother's hope chest, but it's rugged enough to move gravel, top soil or concrete blocks with no problem.

2. What's the difference between a hard bedliner and the BedRug lifestyle liner?

Don't they both protect the truck bed?
Under use, hard bedliners vibrate against the paint they're supposed to protect, actually scuffing it and ruining the paint's shiny, rich finish. The BedRug lifestyle liner, however, is backed by a non-abrasive foam, which will not abrade the paint. Your truck bed will always look as good as the day you bought it! The BedRug lifestyle liner is designed to protect your valuable cargo, like sports equipment and camping gear, too - not just your truck.

3. Aren't spray-on liners becoming more popular? I've heard they're pretty inexpensive.

While spray-on liners have become more popular, they have some serious issues that liner buyers should understand. First, to apply the spray-on liner, the truck bed's paint must be scuffed or removed prior to application, which can void the truck's paint warranty. Since they must be applied by a professional, the quality of the spray-on liner depends on the person applying it. Once applied, the spray-on liner cannot be removed. Spray-ons also can be very susceptible to wear and weathering, which can cause them to look hazy or appear used after only a short time. Moreover, they do nothing to protect cargo.

4. Why should I buy a BedRug lifestyle liner when I can buy a hard or spray-on liner cheaper?

Bedrug's advantage is value. Not only do you get the advantages of exceptional cargo protection, a non-slip surface, and BedRug's best-in-class truck bed paint protection, but the BedRug also looks high end. The real proof is when you kneel on it - try that with any hard or spray-on liner!

5. I'm buying a truck, and the dealer offered me a spray-on liner for a great price.

He said the BedRug system costs more - does it?
One thing the dealer hasn't told you is that most used trucks with spray-on liners that the dealership takes in as trades on new vehicles are sold at wholesale or auctioned. This means the value of your trade-in is lower. Guess whose pocket that comes from?

6. Where can I get a BedRug lifestyle liner?

It is available for nearly every pickup truck make and model directly to consumers through new car dealers and through DIY/DIFM stores throughout North America.

7. What if I buy it and don't like it?

Try the BedRug lifestyle liner for 30 days. If you don't agree that it's the best truck bed protection system on the market, you can return it for a full refund within 30 days.

8. Is the BedRug lifestyle liner difficult to install?

No. Most truck owners have it installed by the dealer when they buy their truck, but the BedRug lifestyle liner is easy for one person to install in less than an hour, using only a screwdriver and a pocket knife.

9. What if I have problems with it? I'm worried that it won't stand up to what I use my truck for.

BedRug is made of fade-resistant, tough, cut- and tear-resistant woven polypropylene. You can buy the BedRug lifestyle liner with confidence, because it carries a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

10. The BedRug lifestyle liner looks soft.

Will it stand up to the demands of my construction business?
The BedRug lifestyle liner can take on gravel, mulch, building materials - even battery acid - without any bad effects.

11. Won't the BedRug suck up water and cause my truck bed to rust?

Actually, BedRug's closed-cell polymer construction can't hold water - it runs right off. This is not true of hard liners; water gets trapped between the liner and the bed, often causing rust.

12. What happens when I sell my truck? Is my BedRug worth anything?

One of the big pluses of the BedRug lifestyle liner is its value at trade-in. Not only has BedRug protected your truck bed and kept it in like-new condition, but the BedRug lifestyle liner itself actually has a residual value of $250 from GMAC and Ford Credit, if it was purchased as a factory option. It's like getting money back at trade-in time!

13. I really like my BedRug. Can I take it with me?

As funny as it sounds, some people do get mighty attached to their BedRug. You can take it with you, providing you're taking it to the same model of truck. It requires only an inexpensive installation kit and some simple tools to attach it.

14. My dogs are rough on my furniture at home.

I'm worried - will the BedRug stand up to their abuse?
BedRug is a dog's best friend! Not only will the BedRug lifestyle liner resist anything that your pets can dish out, but it's the most pet-friendly bed protection system on the market! BedRug's tough, woven polypropylene material is also skid resistant, so if you corner a little too fast, you don't have to worry about your pet's cage sliding around in the bed. Plus, you can rinse it out with a garden hose.