Fusion FAQs
Is the Fusion available for my truck?
Please utilize our availability look-up feature here to determine if the Fusion is available for your truck.

What are the Fusion panels made out of?
Aircraft Grade Aluminum painted-to-match your trucks color code.

Is the Fusion dent resistant?
Yes. The Fusion panels are the thickest panels in the industry. Dent resistant, not dent proof.

Can you open and close the tailgate with the cover in the closed position?
Yes. The Fusion provides universal tailgate operation. The tailgate can be opened and closed with the cover in the closed position.

What is the warranty?
Every Fusion is backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty. For full warranty details please click here.

Is the Fusion waterproof?
The Fusion is weather resistant, utilizing rail channels and drain tubes to move water away from the bed. Ultimately, no cover is completely waterproof as there are tailgate gaps and other areas that may allow some intrusion.

What is the install time on the Fusion?
The Fusion can usually be installed in about 45 minutes.

Does the Fusion require the bed of my truck to be drilled into when installing?
No. The Fusion utilizes the L-rail for a no-drill installation.

How easy is it to remove my Fusion?
Simply unscrew the two elevator bolts and lift!

How can I get the side seals to lay flat on my new Fusion?
After a day or two direct sunlight will be absorbed and help the seals lay flat.

Is the Fusion compatible with my bedliner?
Yes. The Fusion will work with BedRug, spray-ins and any under the rail bed liner. Fusion is also compatible with many aftermarket bed caps.

How do I change the batteries in my light system?
Remove the battery pack/switch panel from the hook and loop attachment. Unscrew the one screw and replace the batteries.

How should I care for my Fusion?
  • When washing use a soft non-colored cloth or sponge, fresh cool water in the summer and warm water in the winter. For heavily soiled surfaces use a mild liquid soap specially designed for automobiles.
  • Do not use aggressive cleaning agents such as strong organic solvent or strongly alkaline detergent.
  • Brush off snow and ice. Do not use a scraper on the Fusion.
  • For painted panels only: use only cleaners and waxes that are safe for use on clear coat paint finishes.