LSII Series Tonneau Cover Frost & Sullivan Award

LSII Series - A.R.E. Truck Caps
LSII Series hard tonneau cover recognized as best in the industry

A.R.E. has recently received the prestigious Frost & Sullivan Light Truck Accessories Award for Best Brand of Tonneau Covers in 2004. The award recognizes both the product's quality and overall customer satisfaction. "Frost & Sullivan presented A.R.E. with the 2004 award for best aftermarket brand tonneau covers as voted by truck owners in the United States," said Jasmine Sachdeva, industry analyst, Frost & Sullivan. "A.R.E. was perceived by customers as having the following advantages: most durable; best brand for form, fit and function; and best for style." The next closest competitor to A.R.E. received only about half the votes A.R.E. received for this award.