Dodge Dakota

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FN Series : Dodge Dakota

November 27, 2019    Posted by:
If you're buying brand new everyone is there to help....... if you need parts God help you. The entire setup is wrong. Customers can't order parts only dealers can and honestly that is not a good way to run a company. Making people wait up to 8 weeks to get simple parts. A company selling products should also have a site that sells the parts, simple parts, common parts. Each cap has a serial number so this allows people to know what cap and parts should be with it. These should be registered online with a blow up of the parts so customers can easily order them. BUT that would make far too much sense. If I ran my company this way I'd be out of business. I would NEVER allow my customer to flounder or make them wait for something simple. I realize that in today's world people are not patient but then simple parts shouldn't take long periods to obtain. So my take on this is never again. Do your research to see if you can get parts needed in a timely manner before you decide to buy.

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 Lost my order? on vacation? why can't it be done?
DCU Series : Dodge Dakota

July 25, 2019    Posted by: Ellen
I place an expedited truck cap order on July 8th. Supposed to reach me Aug 6th. I just heard today that it can't be expedited because of install job of the basic one sided tool box. It is a very time sensitive order. THERE IS NO EXCUSE AND ARE SHOULD BUILD THIS CAP WITH THE TOOL BOX TOMORROW !!! Instead of Aug 25 like they are telling me now- this is bad for customers !!

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 Truck cap
V Series : Dodge Dakota

September 23, 2018    Posted by: Dale
The color match is good, but it leaked every time it rained. Had to take it back for more foam sealant to be added. There is also a 3/8 inch height difference in the front of cap. There is a metal bracket in the front of the cap between the cap and bed that might be causing the height difference.

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