Deluxe Commercial Unit Series Truck Caps

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DCU Series : Chevy/GMC Silverado/Sierra
March 11, 2014    Posted by: CrossWorks Carpentry
I recently traded my work truck in and with it went my DCU cap of 8 years. Throughout that period of working job after job and having my cap set up a certain way to accommodate my remodeling business, I had more than your fair share of complements of how impressive the cap looked. On the other hand for me personally, the functionality and durability of this cap goes without saying. The construction is durable and the options are second to none. In fact my dealer at Yankee Custom SAID A.R.E. are the only ones who offer so many options. That being said why bother going with any other supplier. In my humble opinion, the practicality, functionality, and durability of the DCU cap far out way the costs over any other cap supplier. To see just how I've put together my cap, go to

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