A.R.E. Tonneau Covers

A.R.E. LS3 Tonneau Cover
A.R.E. LS3 One-Piece Tonneau Cover
Introducing a truck bed cover that delivers a factory-quality appearance with a level of strength and security equal to the rest of your truck. Featuring a one-piece ABS composite construction, the A.R.E. LS3 Truck Bed Cover is lightweight yet incredibly strong, thanks to an X-Effect structural enhancement that adds strength and rigidity. Despite weighing only 70 lbs., the LS3 performs like a heavyweight by easily supporting the weight of multiple adults standing atop the cover.
A.R.E. LS3 Tonneau Cover
  • Constructed from a lightweight yet rugged ABS composite material.
  • X-Effect design adds structural strength and enhances durability.
  • Effective EPDM double bulb weather seal keeps the elements out.
  • Paint-to-matched the manufacturer's specifications for an OE-quality finish.

*Pricing does not reflect installation or shipping charges and will vary based on truck bed size and option choices.

The A.R.E. LS3 has a convenient cargo lanyard and removable LED interior light and managing your truck bed with the optional e-lock handle that can link the vehicle's factory OE key fob that will lock and unlock the lid has reached new levels of convenience.

* The E-lock option for the composite ABS LS3 is in development and will be offered in Q2 2024.
A.R.E. LS3 Tonneau Cover
A.R.E. LS3 Tonneau Cover
Once unlocked, the cover opens with the aid of hydraulics to give you fast and easy access to your truck bed. The A.R.E. LS3 includes wall-mount hardware for storing the cover to help protect it from damage and keep your garage clutter-free.
A color-matched finish is applied in a dedicated state-of-the-art paint facility, resulting in a flawless factory-quality appearance with a Premium carpeted headliner providing a clean, finished appearance to the underside of the LS3.
A.R.E. LS3 Tonneau Cover
At long last, there's a bed cover that looks like it came from the factory and delivers a level of security equal to the rest of your truck, the A.R.E. LS3 Truck Bed Cover from RealTruck. The LS3 is equipped with an impressive two-piece double-paneled ABS composite construction, which gives it the advantage of being lightweight and possessing formidable strength. Then, a color-matched finish is applied in a dedicated state-of-the-art paint facility, resulting in a flawless factory-quality appearance.

The A.R.E. LS3 cover incorporates a total perimeter weather seal to keep out the elements and a clever X-Effect structural enhancement designed to add incredible strength and rigidity. The kind of strength that can handle the weight of multiple adults standing on top of the cover, yet at 70 lbs. total weight, it offers tool-free removal in seconds.

Need access to the entire truck bed? You and a friend can easily remove the cover assembly from the truck and store it using the included wall-hanging storage system. Your cover stows away safely and securely in just minutes while your garage stays clutter-free.

The cover opens with hydraulic struts, revealing a premium carpeted headliner, making the interior as stunning as the exterior. Inside the cover, an integrated cargo retrieval tool hides in the lid so your gear is always within reach. At the rear, a built-in LED light illuminates the entire bed area, making it easier to access your cargo even in low-light conditions. And since the light is detachable, you can utilize it for roadside repairs or take it anywhere you need extra light.

With all these great features and a stunning finish, imagine how great your truck would look wearing the ultimate one-piece tonneau cover- the new A.R.E. LS3 from RealTruck.
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